AISM conducts and prepares asbestos surveys that meet all of the State and Federal regulations.
  • Our inspector will discuss your project with you or your representative to understand what materials will be interrupted by your renovations.
  • We will give you a verbal estimate; however, until the property is inspected "hands on" no final price can be determined.
  • AISM will set a time to meet and how to gain access to the property.
  • A walk through of the building will be conducted noting homogenous areas that must be sampled for the presence of asbestos containing building materials.
  • The inspector will gather the samples and deliver them to a state licensed laboratory for testing.
  • The laboratory will notify AISM of the results of the survey.
  • AISM will prepare the proof of inspection documentation (letter) and communicate the results to you along with a copy of the summary lab report, via mail, fax or email.
  • This documentation is what you will need to proceed with your building permit application.

This completes the survey process. Depending upon the results, if no regulated amounts of asbestos are found you may continue with your renovations or demolition upon receipt of the permit from the city.

If asbestos is found:
  • AISM's consultants will prepare specifications on how the material should be removed and disposed of.
  • Abatement contractors will be notified for a walk through and preparation of bids.
  • The abatement contractor chosen will notify the state of the date of the abatement (10 day minimum)
  • AISM will arrange for air-monitoring during the abatement.
  • AISM will arrange for the close-out documentation to the state and fees.

State and Federal Regulations

The State of Texas passed Senate Bill 509 and it became effective January 1, 2002. This bill demands that all municipalities in the state require that a state licensed asbestos inspector survey all commercial and public properties prior to the issuance of a building permit for either a renovation or demolition of the subject structure.

The Federal Government has a number of agency and hundreds if not thousands of regulations pertaining to the handling of asbestos in commercial or public buildings and schools. All asbestos inspections must meet these requirements as well as the state regulations

OSHA regulates the construction industry and the EPA oversees (NESHAP) National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants, and (AHERA) Asbestos Hazard Emergency Responsive Act.
AISM highly recommends that BEFORE you begin any renovations in your home, you should take samples of the materials you are going to remove or disturb in your planned renovations.

The reason for the sampling is to protect yourself and your family from exposure to asbestos fibers (if present) that will be released during the remodeling process.

  1. There are no State or Federal regulations that affect a privately owned and occupied residence.

  2. AISM inspectors will discuss the areas that are of concern to the property owner and recommend the safest and most economical way to sample the building materials.

  3. The property owner may gather the samples themselves and forward them to us for our laboratory to test. You may mail it to P.O. Box 863925, Plano, TX 75086. AISM will send you the results and make recommendations on how to proceed with the project.

  4. If you prefer, or are unable to gather the samples, a licensed inspector will survey your property and gather suspect asbestos containing building materials that will be disturbed by your impending renovations. The minimum charge for on-site inspections is $400.00 (this includes 3 samples). Additional samples will be $15 each.

  5. If asbestos is found in hazardous concentrations, AISM will suggest solutions on how to handle the materials of concern.